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Issues with TS

Right then guys, someone has rerouted our teamspeak to a different community. This is an issue we are solving as quickly as we can and are working with people on both ends to try and resolve issues. 
We aren't placing blame on anyone yet so please don't start a witch hunt for anyone 

The guys over at UK Life Mod have been kind enough to give us a channel that I will be staying in for a while if anyone wants a full explanation to the situation.

I personally would like to say thank you to UK Life Mod for allowing us the use of their TS while we sort this out!

[Image: e2f481b10d63557d8974a8aed695c549.png]

I am grabbing my silver'n'steel and starting my own little witch hunt that only includes me. 
[Image: thewitcher3.jpg]
(I'm playing the Witcher 3)
[Image: 48488c7496feca7f7bdab502527f1bac.jpg]

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding this, please contact one of the support members via teamspeak or forums.

Update - TS Is back.

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