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What are you expecting out of the mod.
What would you like added?

Would you like to see donation perks??
[Image: u36p1gv.png]

What are you expecting out of the mod: i am expecting a fun experience and a smooth fps
What would you like added: things that i would like to be changed sound like running on road , i also would like to have custom skins on cup vehicles for civilian and bluefor

Would you like to see donation perks: something i think there should be if you donate you can get a base put in for your faction or you get to choose any uniform you want such as clothing , vest's, helmet
[Image: mbVo4NW.png]

Not trying to be funny but i would like to see some alternate types of vehicles like the Skateboards that were in AL:RP a while back, Just seems like diversifying them in that way may keep Players coming back, For example each week after the official RP Server release add a new vehicle to the spawning pool and it gives people the opportunity to find something new and interesting in-game.
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