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Come Play

Guys and Girls, I know the server at the moment wasn't something we all expected it to be. But please, as the admins say, give it time.  There's not many working on it at the moment and from what I'm hearing, it'll switch over to Desolation once it releases. But until then, we have an Exile server that a Certain Someone, is working hard on.  This Certain Someone is trying their best to make it an RP server that everyone can enjoy, but it's hard without people playing on it and giving feedback. The server is sometimes on A3 Launcher, but if you cant find it, search "Awaken" in your Arma Multiplayer search filter. Hell, here is the IP if you cant find it:  port:2312

The server is technically up guys/girls, hop on. I'm mostly on there and I know a few other admins play as well.

[This post can be taken down once Desolation Server is up]
If Hell had a taste, what would I taste like?

I have been on yesterday, and I am willing to play with others though the server at the moment has no loot etc. I know that the Awaken RP staff are doing their best and will come out on top and I can't wait for the server to be fully operational

its down right now
[Image: mbVo4NW.png]

i remember my friend mystic was finding more cars then gear xD
[Image: mbVo4NW.png]

There is loot but atm it is default exile loot. However, loot tables are being done and will be in asap
[Image: e2f481b10d63557d8974a8aed695c549.png]

Alright sounds good Isaac, I will be on today

Sorry but I have to do this

[Image: e2f481b10d63557d8974a8aed695c549.png]

(03-17-2017, 04:08 PM)Isaac Wrote: Sorry but I have to do this


XD edited

who wants to have a battle?

I might be able to come through in a couple of hours if anyone is on

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