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Tell me what you are doing while waiting!

The community I believe is not dead, we are just in a state of hibernation until the Desolation Redux mod is released. Until then there are plenty of things to do and enjoy. So tell me, what's everyone doing while waiting for this beast of a Role Playing mod to come out. I know I am doing tons of school work, waiting for news on Dual Universe and Cyberpunk 2077 aswell as getting prepared and excited for the release of Chronicles of Elyria.
Please by all means share! 

I am not to sure if this is advertising so I apologize in advance but check out Chronicles of Elyria, it's pretty funking cool and if you register put this in as the friend code: 897179 it helps me out a lot, furthermore if you actually do end up taking an interest in it and are in North America by all means try to join The Kingdom of Ashland. I am serious too, they got some pretty cool stuff going on, on the medieval and fantasy side of things. (It's an Mmo)
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Been playing alot of Halo with friends and Arma 3 with a milsim unit. Been starting to get back on GTA V and Rainbow Six here and there. Only for the Xbox though.
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its sad to see such an amazing mod go
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(04-25-2017, 06:51 AM)Tony Goldsmith Wrote: its sad to see such an amazing mod go

Yes it is sad.
But unfortunately like all Communities that branch off from another failing community is deemed to fail to.
All donations that were made were using towards the community and the server, Unfortunately it didn't end so well which just sucked.
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