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Stalker RP?

Now I know the community is basically dead, but if anyone still visits here, have you tried out that new Arma 3 mod on steam called Armstalker Warzone. It's all in Russian, but its still fun to play. Sadly the server for it is down, so I'm just waiting for it to be brought back up.
If Hell had a taste, what would I taste like?

no i have not but from what i see it is not i think they have made a English version
[Image: mbVo4NW.png]

Weirdly enough.
Myself and another was translated around 70% of all the russian text and spoken stuff and are just trying to get permission to use it.
[Image: u36p1gv.png]

What's "funny" about the mod is that it's been up for some time now, even long before it showed up on steam.
If Hell had a taste, what would I taste like?

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