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Long Time No See?

Hello everyone some of you may know me, some of you may have forgotten me and some of you may have never met me. For those of you that have not met me I am Reece not the Community Owner but the worse Support Member from about six months ago! 

I disappeared for a while because of technical problems but I do not intend to leave this community anytime soon. I stuck with this community throw a lot. I was a part of the large in flux of players and i think i was the last of that large in flux. 

I met a lot of amazing people like Isaac, Peter, Jake, The Norwegian John, The English John and Holly along with the other amazing NDRC guys and that is the reason I intend to stay and see this through because this server has given me a lot and I feel as if I owe it.

Peace, Reece

I know who you are, I hope you still remember me.
If Hell had a taste, what would I taste like?

Welcome back other Reece
[Image: u36p1gv.png]

oi oi savaloi I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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