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Desolation Realease?

*as it title* now desolation is released what does the community want?

I'd prefer just to focus on Arma 2. It's loved by everyone and it's a huge gap in the market. Youtubers like PsiSyn and others have stated they'd want to play. Do with this what you will but it has been said...

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Would love to see ARMA 2 being focused on as Orbz said, It's got huge potential for advertisement with youtubers and it would be nice for ARMA 2 to get the limelight seeing as there are so many ARMA 3 servers.

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Desolation is not released but it is open to play. Because of this, we are sticking with A2 for now

Hope this clears stuff up
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I will be honest after playing it, I am really disappointed in it, I was expecting there to be alot more, but it just looks like desolation with no updates.

I don't think we'll be supporting it for awhile until it gets better, we'll start with Arma 2 and completely focus on getting that up to scratch
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i miss the old desolation with all the hlc mods
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I will be honest.
Our mod did better with the zombies and gunplay :/
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i remember seeing a video with apc's and rpg's on the older awaken rp mod not arma 2 but the a3
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(06-21-2017, 06:17 PM)Tony Goldsmith Wrote: i remember seeing  a video with apc's and rpg's on the older awaken rp mod not arma 2 but the a3

Yeah, an event with the Russian federation attacking
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