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Goodbye, But Not Forever.

Hello everyone. Some of you here may know me, most may not. But, to how to place this, I leave for the military (Army Basic Training) tomorrow - 7/2/2017. I'll be gone for around 2 and a half months, maybe 3, until you hear from me, then I have another month and a half for AIT. I was hoping to play the mod with you all before I left, but hey "Beggars cant be choosers". Hopefully, when/if I come back from AIT, you guys will still be kicking it LIVE here with Arma 2 DayZ/Arma 3 DesolationREDUX. Good Luck and Goodbye for now.

- Salty
If Hell had a taste, what would I taste like?

Hey man you do you. Serve your country, stand tall, and remain strong. I look forward to hearing a success story and I hope you have a "hellish" time. Stay salty, Salty and may God watch over you. I will be praying for your success. You are the man, the meme, the salt. *Tips his hat to Salty as he moves and walks into the sunset*

[Image: 48488c7496feca7f7bdab502527f1bac.jpg]

Good luck man!
Sorry the server wasn't up before you left, I'm on the brink of having the DayZ mod sorted, been having problems with the latest update with it
[Image: u36p1gv.png]

Good luck
i will salute to you with 30 seconds of Gau-8

[Image: mbVo4NW.png]

Seeya soon mate!

Good luck, your serving your country and should be proud!
[Image: JuXmeo7.jpg]

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